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with Your Collectors

Fan Connect’s provenance platform for artists and creatives can not only prove the authenticity of your artwork, but helps bring it to life with its creation story and contextual details.


Curate Your Community

Artists and creators can build trust and establish a deeper connection with their audience, while also giving collectors, institutions and patrons a deeper appreciation for their work.

We can help you maintain a relationship with the people who collect your art, invite real world and digital events and sales, and even create a community out of you patrons.



Our digital certificates of authenticity help you track your work globally, whether you sell it directly, or via a third party.

Artists can authenticate and share the history of their artwork. It allows you to easily create digital stories that document the journey of your artwork from creation to sale and beyond, providing a transparent and verifiable record of its authenticity


We help you tell the stories linked to your art. The inspiration, the reason, the creative process, allowing the buyer to understand more about your work.

Our platform allows you to add images, videos, and written descriptions at various stages of your artwork’s provenance, such as sketches, progress shots, and final pieces. You can also add details such as the materials used, the inspiration behind the work, and any awards or recognition it has received.


Our technology can be embedded into artwork itself, added as a sticker or on an accompanying ‘Museum Card’ – a plastic credit card sized card with the NFC embedded that can be custom printed.

This provides not only a lasting connection with the artist, it also provides buyers and collectors, and institutions further details about materials, composition and creation that will live on, attached to the artwork, ensuring that your art and legacy is delivered in your own words.



Our platform creates has an extensible toolset of apps and modules that bring your products to life  engage, inform and connect with your collectors

Authenticity & Ownership

Immutable digital authenticity for your collection with trusted ownership records for resale

Locational Insights

Show your artworks journey with trust and transparency with locational insights from interactions

Exclusive Sales

Exclusive sales and offers for your patrons, with your artwork becoming the Point of Sale


Your collectors can archive your works in our digital wallet solution where they can digitally manage and show  their collection 

• Authenticity & Ownership information
• Artwork provenance & creation stories
• Multiple retail layers for galleries and agents
• Exclusive communities and membership
• Exclusive linked shows, offers and prints
• Latest collector insights, news and events

• Commerce links to online sales
• Commerce links to merchandising
• Commerce links to partners
• Customer service and help portals

• Feedback, surveys and competitions
• Locationally aware offers & information


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