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We bring your products to life, giving them voice and colour by connecting to exclusive content, rewards, products and communities.


Wearable Tech for Fan Engagement,
Through Your Merchandise

Sports clubs, musicians and artists can now connect with their fans through their official merchandising and memorabilia. A wearable technology platform connects via NFC chips and QR codes that increases sales, fan activations, and sponsorship opportunities.

Our updatable and dynamic solution is locationally aware and can serve region specific content delivered in localised language automatically, while directing consumers to local agents for customer service enquiries, purchases and returns.




Our platform creates has an extensible toolset of apps and modules that bring your products to life  engage, inform and connect with your consumers

Authenticity & Ownership

Immutable digital authenticity for your products with trusted ownership records for resale

Digital Product Passports

Show your products journey with trust and transparency with our DPP (Digital Product Passport) solution


Digital rewards allow you to engage fans. Every ‘tap’ and interaction driving FOMO and fan engagement

Custodial Wallets

Flexible digital wallet solution where fans can show their merchandising and memorabilia collections

NFC tags or QR codes allow our portals to create layers of information for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and the end consumers, which can include:

• Warranty and authenticity information
• Multi-language support and instructions
• Exclusive communities and membership
• Exclusive products, offers and events
• Latest team insights, news and scores
• Locationally aware rewards, gating
& information

• Commerce links to replace & gift product
• Commerce links to replacement parts
• Commerce links to connected products
• Customer service and help portals

• Feedback, surveys and competitions
• Disposal, reuse and recycling information
    & incentivisation


Our system allows you to define who and how third parties can add content to the Fan Connect portal.

This extensible multiparty content management solution allows you to clearly define roles and permissions between parties, with ability for each party



Our ticketing solution introduces game changing functionality and technologies that will reshape live events and fan experience.

Our tickets can also become ‘Proof of Attendance’ ownership records, or optionally a POAP NFT, which could also hold monetary value and can be traded in marketplaces.

A POAP NFT which is a specific type of digital token, a Non-Fungible Token or NFT, that shows you attended an event or experience.

Digital collectables and NFTs are exciting to certain consumer segments, and are traded and sought out like baseball cards and football stickers, due to their exclusivity, benefits or rarity.


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